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8 Yoga Poses For Back Pain - YouTube(100% working without medicine)

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The best way to achieve the wanted effects is to practice yoga, as it contains numerous hip-opening poses
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In severe cases, medical attention may be necessary, but if your pain is less severe, yoga may be able to help by strengthening the back, stretching it and improving circulation to the spine and nerves. Here are some yoga postures for back pain :)
I hope you like it! :)
#Quick Back Pain Relief with Top Best 8 proven Yoga exercise for upper, middle and lower back including pain in feet or soles.
# You will need to practice these asana at least twice in the day - in the morning and once in the evening for quicker relief.
# Duration and Repetition mentioned in the video must be followed at least for month 1.
# Post the pain subsides , you can create your own plan and duration around the asana
# You can use any of the mentioned props in the video not necessary that you have to only use the once mentioned.
#Video is a first of videos in series to come shortly.

#Short and concise depiction of the various aspects of Sawant Yoga giving a glimpses of the yoga practice as along with students of all ages and conditions on the approach and possibility of everyone being able to practice this form with correct postures with help of props.
Perfect Five Minute Sore Back Release Video.
Shot in Surf Vista Villas, Santa Teresa. Costa Rica

Having a sore back really sucks. It can make your life a living hell. It happens to all of us. If you need lower back pain relief cause your sciatica pain is too much to handle, this beginners yoga will stretch the back pain and tension away in perfect hatha yoga style.

Its a great sunrise morning yoga routine that is not only preventative stretching for back pain but also a miracle lower & upper back pain cure. There are options for intermediate yoga positions like the full wheel and easier modified yoga positions for beginners to experience & learn yoga comfortably. Just relax, breathe deeply, and live in the moment of every stretch. You will see this routine can act as stress relief yoga too.
In this video, Donnie shares the basic stretches to relieve tight, tense hips, hip flexors and to relieve low back pain.

Chatus Pada Asana -
Procedure :
Sit in Vajrasana. Place both palms on the ground in front of you and lift up until you are in a four footed pose. Your weight should be equally balanced on your two hands and knees. Keep your body parallel to the ground and perform deep and rhythmic breathing. When we perform chatus pada asana, our body organs are free from the negative effects of gravity that are otherwise always present during the upright stance of our daily life. After performing the posture for a comfortable period of time, slowly relax back to the Vajrasana and enjoy the feeling of relief that is produced by this simple but effective posture.

Makarasana: (Crocodile Pose)
Start in Sphinx Pose. Stack your palms in front of your face and rest your forehead down on the backs of your hands.
Stretch your legs out down your mat, hip width distance apart. Let your ankles gently roll out, without twisting or straining your ankles.
Take a deep inhale, then exhale deeply to fully relax your body. Feel as if you are melting into the floor, holding no muscular engagement.
Close your eyes and relax. Breathe here for up to 5 minutes, then push back to Child's Pose.
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Ushtra Asana (Camel Pose)
Sit on knees and bend backwards.
Hold right ankles or heel with right hand and left ankle or heel with left hand.
Now bend your neck and head backwards as much as you can and push waist area slightly forward.
Breathing should be normal for 6 to 10 seconds in this position.
After 6 to 10 seconds return to the first position by bending forward. Release your hands from heels. This is your one round of Ushtra Asana. Repeat this for some more rounds.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) :
Start by lying flat on your stomach on a comfortable, level surface, preferably a yoga mat. Make sure your feet are together with the tops of them against the floor. Spread your hands on the floor under your shoulders and hug your elbows against your rib cage. Close your eyes and inhale slowly, deeply.

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