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7 Simple And Natural Ways To Become A Virgin Again YouTube

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7 Simple And Natural Ways To Become A Maiden Again

For a woman, it is important to maintain her chastity and once she decides to give it to someone, there is a desire in her to get the maiden hood back again. As a woman gets involved with a male partner she feels that it would be good for her to get it back to so that she and her partner can get higher. Although as per experts this is not possible completely, there are many ways a woman can get her muscles tighter down there. Some of the remedies include application of certain gels and creams on your feminine area. And the other option is to go for surgical treatment for the same. There are some natural ways also to get it. Today I am going give some simple, safe and natural Do It Yourself remedies which you can try at home. These remedies will also help you in getting rid off problems like foul smell and discharge.
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Gooseberry is a known to tighten the muscles. Take some gooseberries and boil them in water. Let the water cool and use this gooseberry infused water to wash your feminine area to restore the elasticity.
Oak Gall.
Oak gall is commonly found in oak and it is known to restore the tightness and elasticity down there. It also helps in lubricating and has anti bacterial properties keep the area clean.
Pueraria Mirifica.
According to experts, Pueraria can be used for increase the elasticity of the walls down there and gives firmer pull there.
Curcuma Comosa.
Comosa strengthen the uterus walls and pelvic muscles within one month of regular use.
Witch Hazel.
Grind the leaves of witch hazel and use the powder once a week to tighten the muscles down there.
Black Cohosh.
After an age of 50, Cohosh can tighten the muscles and walls down there.
Aloe Vera.
To prevent the dryness and irritation down there, use aloe vera gel. This will help in strengthening the muscles. To use apply the gel and wash it off while taking a shower.

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